The Pennsylvania Parks Fund was created to help fund infrastructure projects within our park system. Many parks throughout PA have a backlog of projects. At PPF, we will turn your donations into grants to help fund as many parks as possible.


Interested in getting involved within the park system? Consider becoming a PPF member. As a member, you will be helping us provide grants to local parks. Plus, each year, you get to help us decide which parks will receive a grant when you place your annual vote. You are the key to our success. Because of this, we feel its only fair you get to help us decide which parks receive grants.

Project Director Salary

Did you know our Project Director, Justin Spencer, will not receive $1 in salary until there has been a minimum of $1,000,000 raised for our parks? And whats more, once PPF reaches that level, you, as a member, will place a vote to help decide his salary. We do things differently here at PPF. We want you to have a say!

P.S. Our project director is what many would consider the executive director of the nonprofit.