Donation Pages Are About Done!!

Donation pages are about done. Will begin marketing and reaching out to media outlets next week! Originally, I designed it so each county would receive its own fund. But after talking with several decision makers here at PPF, we decided to set it up in districts instead of counties alone. All districts are in the same area so you will be funding parks within your own geographic area. Its a win win for everyone. I have a surprise donor thats going to donate $25,000 to the first district who reaches its district goal for fundraising. The public will also be able to become ambassadors and create their own fundraising page to help bring awareness and raise money for parks within their district.

Our store will be up and running in early July. We are going to have shirts, hoodies, cups, calendars, posters, photographic prints, canvas's, magazines, samsung phones (maybe apple at some point) phone accessories etc. You will also be able to buy gift cards to use in our store.Gift cards make the perfect gift to give everyone.

Look tomorrow for more information on our photography program. Through this program, you make money, we make money. Everyone wins with PPF!

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