Each County Has Its Own Parks Fund

December 30, 2020 1 min read

Over the last six months, the design and layout of PPF has gone through many changes. These changes were neccessary to make PPF different from any other nonprofit designed to take on similar tasks. 

Originally, we planned on one fund. But after many suggestions from the public, we went a different route. Now, you can select your county park fund, make your donation and watch the fund for your county grow. With sixty seven counties, we now have sixty seven funds!

PPF is different from many other programs. Other similar projects only focus on a particular type of park, like national or state or county, etc. But with PPF, we focus on all parks located within in particular county. That means all national, state, county, city, boro and township parks qualify for funding.

And lastly, lets not forget all national and state forests do, too.

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