Now All 67 PA Counties Have Their Own Parks Fund

June 16, 2020 2 min read



Now all 67 PA counties have their own parks fund

Pennsylvania | June 16, 2020 - If this year has taught us anything, it would have to be that our parks, forest and trails are our treasures. During Covid19, many of us turned to our parks, trails and forest. It brought us peace in a really tough time. That’s what nature does. It brings us peace. Now imagine a world where our parks, our trails and our forest no longer existed. And for those that did exist, services were cut, portions of the parks were closed and the stability of the park itself declined. Unfortunately, this could happen.

Here at PPF, short for Pennsylvania Parks Fund, our mission is to make sure this doesn’t become a reality. We made it easy for all Pennsylvanians to support local parks. Parks located directly within your county. We created it this way so you can see your membership dues being put to good work. There is not a better feeling than that feeling of knowing your membership actually means something. To make this possible, we created 67 separate membership pages. Now, you can track how many donors, how much was raised, etc. We are in the process of adding other features such as county by county sponsorship list and making it visible who contributed. Our membership pages are similar to crowdfunding pages. You can support on a one time, annual or monthly basis.  We will make a BIG impact together.

Throughout Pennsylvania, there are over 6100 parks and forest. There are also countless trails. That’s 6100+ locations that could at one point close due to lack of funding. If our government has taught us anything, it’s that they can’t be depended upon when it comes to funding our parks. For decades, they have slashed the funding our parks were to receive. THIS MUST END.

Our goal has always been and will always be to provide enough capital to parks so all the necessities can be met. “I don’t care how large or how small a park is, we never want to see any park close due to the lack of funding. After all, our motto is Because Every Park Matters” says Justin Spencer, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Parks Fund.

The Pennsylvania Parks Fund is a fiscally sponsored project of the SocialGood Fund. SocialGood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through this sponsorship, all donations are tax deductible minus the cost of our donor benefits program. 

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