Our goal is to fund a minimum of 750 park grants in early 2023


INDIANA, PA — AUGUST 22, 2022 ­— Pennsylvania Parks Fund (PPF) today announced the relaunch of its innovative mission to empower everyday people to help improve local, state, and federal parks after putting plans on hold due to covid-19. This relaunch fits in perfectly with its 2022 Fall Membership Drive. When a member of the public joins the Pennsylvania Parks Fund, their membership dues are converted into grants for local parks. Each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties has its own fund. This helps to maintain independence among the funds. It also allows donors to know exactly how much money was raised for their county.

“Unfortunately, our parks are underfunded by the government and while the ideal fix is for lawmakers to increase funding, we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon,” said Justin Spencer, Project Director, Pennsylvania Parks Fund. “Our goal is to enable anyone to share their love for our parks by filling the gap and providing crucial funding that parks simply won’t receive otherwise. Our model allows anyone to fund both their neighborhood park with county-level projects as well as state and national parks as well.”

Pennsylvania Parks Fund offers FOUR membership levels:

  • One-time (membership is valid for one year)
  • Monthly (membership renews each month)
  • Quarterly (membership renews each quarter)
  • Annually (membership renews annually)

Donations go to specific county funds, with 80% of the donation funding county, city, borough, and township parks. The remaining 20% is transferred to the PPF general fund. The general fund is split in two with half of the remaining funds going to national and state parks. The other of half of those funds go toward general expenses. Thus, 90% of donations go directly into the parks while 10% pay for expenses are allocated for PPF operating expenses.

In addition to providing key support to parks throughout their county, members also receive:

  • State-Park Calendar (mailed each December)
  • 25% to 40% Discount on PPF Merchandise
  • Up to 25% Discount on all PPF events
  • Entertainment discounts via MemberDeals
  • Exclusive PPF Drawstring Bag (minimum membership level required)
  • Weekly Email (sent each Thursday) This email updates all members on our weekly progress for our fundraising efforts, announces any PPF news and announces any upcoming events at any of their local parks.

The Pennsylvania Parks Fund also created a Park Events section on its website. This section was created with everyone in mind. There, parks can send a request to have their parks events included at no charge to them. Site visitors will love the ability to search for local park happenings.

PPF Program Director Justin Spencer is available for phone interviews with media outlets statewide. He's available from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

For more information on the Pennsylvania Parks Fund, visit the official website at The Pennsylvania Parks Fund is a fiscally sponsored project of the Social Good Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through this sponsorship, membership dues are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The official registration and financial information of Social Good Fund (the fiscal sponsor of the Pennsylvania Parks Fund) may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.

About Pennsylvania Parks Fund: PPF was created as a way for the general public to help fund projects within their local parks. Working together, we can create a healthier park system statewide. Membership dues are converted into grants then given to parks that apply for the grants. Most parks have a backlog of projects that need completed. That's the purpose of the Pennsylvania Parks Fund. Without additional funding, these projects would likely go unfunded.


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