Member Benefits 1

Thank you for your interest in supporting your local parks. Parks throughout PA are underfunded and every dollar raised would make all the difference. Becoming a member is easy and rewarding.

When you become a member, you will enjoy these benefits:
  • Annual Calendar
  • National Discounts
  • Discounted Magazines
  • 25% gift shop discount
  • PPF Water Bottle ($10+ monthly or $100+ one time donation)
  • PPF Drawstring Bag ($20+ monthly or $200+ one time donation)
  • And of course, the satisfaction knowing your making a big difference!
Terms of membership:
National Discounts: You will receive login information within one week of becoming a member. Discounted Magazines: Receive discounted magazine offers every other month. Benefits: Receive a PPF Water Bottle when you sign up for $10+ monthly or make a one time donation of $100 or more. Receive a PPF Water Bottle AND PPF Drawstring Bag when you sign up for $20+ monthly or make a one time donation of $200 or more. Tax Deduction: Your donation is tax deductible minus the retail cost of the PPF Water Bottle ($25) and/or the PPF Drawstring Bag ($25.) You will receive an annual summary each January from the previous year's donations. The notice will include all donations received, the cost of any goods received and the total tax deduction. Pennsylvania Parks Fund receives our water bottles and drawstring bags at a much lower price than the actual retail rate.