Creating a campaign option is available for both parks and individuals. Parks can create their own campaign to raise money for their park projects. Individuals can create a campaign to support PPF General Fund or a parks campaign. Together, we can make our parks the best funded parks in the USA.


Parks will love this new program available through PPF. Now you can create your own campaign page to raise money for upcoming projects. 

All donations are processed via our platform and sent to you every two months. Campaigns can be set up to run 2 months to 1 year.

Why use the PPF platform?

  • We process all donations
  • All donations are tax deductible
  • We take care of all the customer service inquries
  • You will be affiliated with a nonpartisan, nongovernment group of people that want to see every park succeed.
  • Your donors receive all Pennsylvania Parks Fund member benefits
  • We can create merch with your logo to be sold in our shop. Everything is printed on demand in our shop. We use various vendors for this process.

CLICK HERE to learn more and create your own park campaign.


Through our Peer to Peer campaign pages, individuals have the ability to create their own campaign page to help raise money for the PPF General Fund or any parks campaign pages they decide they would like to support.

CLICK HERE to learn more and create your own individual campaign.