Our grant program is the perfect way to fund your next project. Below, you will find answers to many questions you may have.

What is the PPF Park Grant Program?

Our park grant program works similar to a crowdfunding fundraiser. One person alone wont make a big impact within our park system. But when many people come together, we are truly able to make a big difference.

Through this program, it is our goal to fund up to 10% of all parks within each county in PA. National and State Parks are eligible for up to $100,000 grants. County, City, Borough and Township parks are eligible for up to $50,000 grants.

How much can my park request?

National and state parks can request up to $100,000

County, city, borough and township parks can request up to $50,000

If additional funds are left over, we may offer larger grants to parks on a first come, first served basis though that should never be counted on as it will likely rarely happen.

How long until we receive funding?

Grants will be sent to the parks in late April 2025.

Our park is in the middle of an emergency. Can we request funds sooner?

No. However, this is something we are considering for down the road. We believe this would be very beneficial for the park system.

Am I guranteed acceptence if I apply for the program?

No. We can only accept a limited number of parks in our program each year. For the 2024 fundraising period, we will be accepting up to 599 parks into our grant Program.

How long after applying until I know if I was accepted?

You will know within ten business days. That being said, we try to approve enrollments within one week.

How long do we have to use up the funding?

Currently, we don't have any regulations on this. That being said, you should be ready to go with the project not much longer after you receive the funding. Donors will be excited to see their donations at work.

Can I apply for more than one project?

Currently, we are only accepting one application per park.

That being said, if you operate multiple parks, each park could apply.

There is a possibility we could allow parks to request funding on multiple projects in the future.

What happens if my county raised all the funds needed earlier than expected?

WAAHOO! That is fantastic!! The campaign will stay active until the end of that month. Then on the first day of the next month, the campaign will end early. Those giving monthly will be given the option to end their monthly support or keep it going. Grants will still be sent out in April of 2025.

What happens if not enough funds are raised during the fundraising stage of the grant process?

Good question! While it is always our goal to raise every dollar needed, there may be counties in which we are not able to accomplish that. Especially in lower populated counties.

We would provide grants based on a percentage of the overall amount raised. So lets say the goal for a county was $200,000 but we only raised $150,000, that means we only raised 75% of the goal. Therefore, each park would only receive 75% of the requested grant amount.

We will do all within our power to prevent this. We believe selecting parks each year prior to fundraising will help us reach our goal. It shows donors, sponsors and foundations exactly where the funds will go and what the funds will be used for. For many donors, sponsors and foundations, this is crucial information.

What happens to left over funding?

Left over funds can be used for any additional park improvement project.

Does funding need to be used for the specific project I applied for?

Yes! Please use the funding for the project you applied for. 

Do you require updates throughout the project?

No. But we really do appreciate photos and videos. They should be of before, during and after the project. We'd love to include it in our annual report, end of year mailings, local media, end of year video, etc.

How will PPF get funding for our project?

Currently, we get our funding via donations, sponsorships and government and foundation grants.

I would like to match all donations to my local county fund. How can I do that?

That is great to hear! We would love your support and we look forward to working with you. Please send an email to our project director Justin Spencer at with your information. He will work with you to set up the details of your campaign. 

What if I have other questions?

You can contact Justin Spencer, the founder and project director of the Pennsylvania Parks Fund with any additional questions you have. Simply fill out the contact us form on this site or email him directly at He tries to reply within 24 hours.