During the 2024 fundraising season, we will be working with 79 parks scattered throughout Western PA.


$50,000 Grant - City of Pittsburgh

Riverlife seeks funding of $50,000 from the PA Parks Fund to revitalize Allegheny Landing, a 2.04-acre park situated on the north bank of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh between the Warhol and Roberto Clemente Bridges. Allegheny Landing was dedicated in 1984 as one of Pittsburgh’s first modern riverfront parks and one of the nation’s first urban riverfront sculpture parks. Since 2010, Riverlife has led the renovation effort for the city-owned park, including the restoration of the public boat dock, addition of riverfront landscaping and green infrastructure, and trail redevelopment. However, after decades of wear-and-tear and deferred maintenance, the park has fallen into disrepair.

Outdated amenities, dying plants, and heaving pavers leave the space feeling uncared for and, at times, unsafe. More importantly, some foundational design issues prevent the park from adequately serving community members and other visitors. The park in its existing state is underutilized and poorly maintained. Riverlife is proposing a physical repositioning of Allegheny Landing that combines thoughtful design, sustainability, accessibility, and resiliency.

The Allegheny Landing project will remedy four core challenges at the current site: 1) limited visual and physical accessibility, 2) aging and low-performing landscapes, 3) a lack of family-focused amenities, and 4) more programmable spaces. Proposed updates include:
1) A seamless row of mature hedges separates the upper terrace from the sloping lawn and river below. Limited accessible routes between the upper and lower park exacerbate this disconnection and make it difficult or impossible to navigate for individuals with mobility issues. As a result, the upper plaza and lower park feel like separate spaces. Removing these hedges and adding accessible pathways will make for a seamless park experience from Isabella Street to the river.
2) Irregular maintenance has led to existing garden beds that are unkempt and overrun by invasive species. The park’s surroundings are also dominated by impervious surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Project plans include a replanting of the overgrown gardens and a maintenance plan to prevent invasive species from overtaking the landscape in the future. These gardens play an important role in stormwater management. Restored swaths of native species along the riverfront will slow and treat runoff before it flows into the river, while improving users’ trail experience. In addition, numerous trees on site are in deteriorating condition, and will be replaced with new native species to expand the canopy. Finally, an overabundance of mowed lawn attracts geese, and more natural plantings will help deter these messy visitors.
3) Pittsburgh’s riverfronts offer excellent opportunities for passive recreation like trail running, biking, or sitting by the water, but there is nowhere for kids to play. Except for the Point State Park fountain and the North Shore Riverfront Park water steps, both of which were not built for recreational use, there are few places where kids and their families might want to linger. Nor can you find many places to stop and use the restroom or grab a snack. Adding playful sculptures to Allegheny Landing and working with nearby property owners to provide accessible restrooms and concessions will invite visitors of all ages to stay longer.
4) The Landing has hosted a number of events over the years, but each organization that programs the space, with concerts, markets, or other activities, has suggested that these events can be cost prohibitive because the park does not offer anything in the way of built-in infrastructure like a stage area, roofed structures, electrical outlets, etc. The updated park will build in essential infrastructure for programming to lower the cost of these events and enable a more vibrant park year-round.

Allegheny Landing plays a central role in an open space network that links Downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore, connecting the Cultural District and the Convention Center with the stadiums and The Andy Warhol Museum’s emerging Pop District. These regional assets on the North Side and Downtown draw millions of visitors each year, yet each institution works within their own boundaries. The connection of these assets through Allegheny Landing and another key Riverlife project, Allegheny Riverfront Park, comprise what Riverlife calls the “Sister Bridges Experience.” A revitalized Allegheny Landing will play a pivotal role in linking these attractions, further enriching the cultural experience of the North Shore and Downtown for residents, workers, and visitors alike.

After a competitive proposal process in 2023, Riverlife has engaged with Austin-based landscape architects dwg. and their local subconsultants to advance design development for the reconstruction of Allegheny Landing. Conceptual and schematic designs have been completed. Construction is anticipated to begin by spring of 2025.

An investment from the PA Parks Fund will support a highly visible and necessary undertaking that will activate the river’s edge and position the park as a community asset that is accessible, sustainable, welcoming to families, and an enhanced programmable space, drawing residents and visitors to the North Shore and Downtown.

$50,000 Grant - West Deer Township

This project is intended to complete the third, "lower bowl" phase of Bairdford Park -- a striking new dek hockey court; the addition of an ADA accessible parking area and walkways; landscaping to control stormwater runoff and provide pleasing aesthetics; and new bleachers for the section of the park.

$50,000 Grant – Bellevue Borough

We are currently working on the playground equipment at our Memorial Park location. A grant from PPF would help complete the project with additional playground equipment and replace failing and dangerous fencing.

$50,000 Grant - Castle Shannon Borough

The Borough has recently secured funding through Bond Issue (2022) to complete extensive improvements to their existing recreational facilities within Castle Shannon Borough. As of 2022, the Borough has contracted out approximately $8 Million dollars of work which included improvements to their Library, Myrtle Park, Prospect Park, and Hamilton Park in accordance with the Borough's Master Plan (Castle Shannon Borough Six Park Plan). A portion of the work has been completed to date; and the remainder is currently under construction. Grant funding awarded through this program will allow the Borough to complete additional recreational facilities at their Municipal Complex Park included in the Borough's Master Plan. Improvements would generally include parking expansion, and installation of playground equipment adjacent to the existing ballfield.

$50,000 Grant – Dormont Borough

The Next Generation Playground in the Borough of Dormont is an important outdoor recreation development. Currently, the Borough of Dormont’s main playground known as “Castle Playground” is outdated and can no longer be maintained. The Next Generation Playground will provide accessible and inclusive design and opportunities for children of all abilities both residing in the Borough of Dormont as well as neighboring communities.

$50,000 Grant - Leetsdale Borough

Henle Park is a 4.5-acre green and recreational space, with 79 arboretum-quality trees. The park’s Splash Pad serves Leetsdale’s small community and acts as a regional attraction for the Quaker Valley School District. Sadly, the existing playground, court, and swings are aged and deteriorated. They are also not ADA accessible due to lack of sidewalks. Our project is a rehabilitation of a 2-5 playground, 5-12 playground, swings, and a multi-use basketball/pickleball court, on the existing footprint. Sustainable landscaping consisting of a rain garden and native trees will beautify the site. ADA-compliant sidewalks will connect all amenities with a new ADA Parking Pad at the park entrance, currently in progress.

$25,000 Grant - Edgewood Borough

With money from the Pennsylvania Parks Fund grant, we would like to improve electrical access at Koenig Field located at 401 Greendale Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218. The park includes a 1/5 mile walking/running track, multi-purpose grass field, tennis and pickleball courts, a playground and a field house. Most of our neighborhood and borough-sponsored soccer and softball/T-ball leagues meet here and residents and groups use it for their own recreational purposes. Nearly all Borough-sponsored events and activities are held here including our annual egg hunt, Fall Festival, Community Day, Boy Scout Christmas tree sale and movie nights and park sleepovers.

These events come with a substantial need for electrical access which is currently limited and requires extensive use of extension cords and generators. We would like to create more locations on and around the field with electrical access. This would allow for more flexibility with setting up events and keep event goer’s safe. The addition of electricity at various points around the field would open up more possibilities for community events and activities and lead to the greater satisfaction of attendees.

$50,000 Grant - Leetsdale Borough

Kohlmeyer Park is a mini-park serving the Washington St. neighborhood in Leetsdale, a residential area surrounded by a sprawling industrial park. The park is fully ADA accessible, with recent addition of TreeVitalize-supported trees and beautification by Leetsdale Garden Club. Unfortunately, its playground, swings, safety surfacing, and basketball court are aged and deteriorated. Our project aims to replace playground and court structures and surfacing, as well as fix a broken water outlet. We are also looking at options to extend the park to enclose more of a neighboring public lot, to add space for active play or community gardening.

$20,000 Grant - Edgewood Borough

The Borough of Edgewood would use funds awarded from the Pennsylvania Parks Fund grant to continue a facilities improvement project at Memorial Park which is located in the center of the borough and receives a high volume of foot traffic due to its proximity to a high-speed bus rapid transit line stop. It is located at the corner of Race St and E Swissvale Ave. The park is an urban greenspace with a recently installed pollinator garden feature, a WWI/WWII memorial, and a gazebo that was built by a local Eagle Scout and Scout Troop in 2021. The park is used for various community functions including concerts, Memorial Day commemorations, and our annual Christmas tree lighting celebration. It’s also a popular spot to sit and eat lunch or just enjoy the many birds and butterflies that visit the pollinator garden.

Funding would allow the borough to upgrade electric and water facilities at the park thereby eliminating the need for running generators for events and setting up a water tank to water flowers. A group of local veterans who helped fundraise for the gazebo have expressed their desire for electrifying the gazebo with lights and installing several electrical outlets at locations points in the park for running a public address system. Funds would be used for installing an electric meter, service panel, underground conduit and other appurtenances.

Water service would run from an existing meter pit located on the property to a new water fountain and hose connection. Funds would be used for materials and labor associated with running the new line and installing the new facilities. Access to domestic water would eliminate an unsightly water tank used by our volunteer garden club to water flowers and provide a drinking water source for park visitors. A water bottle filling station could be offered which would reduce reliance on single use plastic water bottles.

Both projects have significant support from community members and elected officials and have been discussed and requested at multiple community meetings. Funding of one or both projects would satisfy the community need and help borough officials demonstrate their commitment to the community they serve. Thank you for your consideration.

$30,000 Grant - Millvale Borough

Millvale intends to update the Millvale Riverfront Park. The project includes pavilion updates, restroom and kitchen remodeling. Additional plans include park road restoration and a park signage package.

$50,000 Grant - Pine Township

The Township of Pine has two multi-purpose fields in Pine Community Park that need a pavilion nearby. Users have expressed the need to escape all types of weather. Whether it is an intense heat day, a sunny day or spontaneous rain shower, it is important for the Township to provide a safe space to get out of the elements.

$50,000 Grant – Plum Borough

Plum Creek Park is made up of 8 baseball fields and a football / lacrosse field. There is a footbridge that goes over a stream that connects the two areas. The footbridge is old and in need of repair. The bridge needs updated, renovated and possibly re-engineered.

$50,000 Grant - East Pittsburgh Borough

Quarry Field is the only park in the Borough. The Council seeks to improve accessibility, electrical infrastructure, ball field infrastructure, and seating for audiences. The Borough has sought funds and has attempted to make improvements when possible.

$54,826 Grant - Findlay Township

Resurfacing of existing pickle ball and basket courts with TopCourt Tile with Mateflex 8-Lock Edges and lines for basketball/pickleball. This surface will accommodate the current issues of settlement cracks, which will enhance player safety and performance. The product is a low maintenance, weather resistant and durable surface. We have used the product for other sports courts in the township and would like to update these last two facilities at our most visited sports and recreation center.

$50,000 Grant – Springdale Borough

A PPF grant would help upgrade, repair and replace some equipment and seating on 1 or 2 of our basketball courts we have in the Borough. The asphalt is lifted in so many areas, it becomes difficult to use. One of the courts is in worse shape than the other. This improvement is needed because it helps gives kids a place to be outside and play basketball. Sadly, the basketball courts have been neglected for many many years. The asphalt will need replaced and new hoops/net and possibly new seating.

$50,000 Grant - Sewickley Borough

Expand and Pave parking lot, add restrooms/comfort stations, build pavilion, expand athletic fields and refresh our walking trails.

$50,000 Grant - Indiana Township

We would like to construct our first Pickleball Court as requested by our residents. Construction would be on our Town Hall Campus of which has a Community Center, ADA Playground, and Basketball Court.


$50,000 Grant - Applewold Borough

Applewold began a playground renovation project in Fall 2019 with plans for several play areas. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit before construction could begin, the price of the project doubled, and we were forced to proceed with only a portion of the original plan. We would use this funding to continue with Phase 2 of the project, which would add more swings and play equipment for smaller children.

$30,000 Grant - Leechburg Borough

Local community park that has secured a DCNR state grant but would like to raise more funds for projects that had to be cut from original project. This grant would help to partially fund the following projects: new fencing, gates and drainage, ADA accessible walkway to the ball fields, construction of a parking lot and a survey.

$50,000 Grant - Sugarcreek Township

Our park was established in early 90's in rural Armstrong County. Gradual development stemmed from small grants, donations, volunteers & help from the municipality. Presently, the park's sports facilities show serious disrepair & deterioration from years of continued usage, maintenance issues, weatherization & a major lack of funds. Fencing is broken, athletic fields require reshaping/grading, bleachers/dug-outs need repairs, concession & announcer's stands need renovation, etc. Currently, revenues from pavilion & social hall rentals pay the bills, with not much extra left for needed repairs. If awarded, PPF grant funding will be dedicated toward upgrading the park's sport facilities to safely accommodate future use by youth groups, spectators & residents from our community and neighboring areas.


$50,000 Grant - Economy Borough

The objective of the funding is to construct a safe playground that provides extended periods of fun for children while also enhancing the overall well-being and enjoyment of the community.
With the sun's scorching heat, it's important to ensure that our children are kept safe and comfortable while playing at the playground. The Borough has decided to install a top-of-the-line canopy sunshade system covering the entire playground area. With this system in place, our children will be able to play without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. This investment will provide a safer and more comfortable environment for our children and increase the longevity of the playground equipment.

$50,000 Grant - Koppel Borough

The proposed Koppel Park project will mark the first official recreational area within Koppel Borough. We own and maintain a two acre parcel within our municipality that includes a little league field and concession stand. We are looking to acquire two playsets (one for 2-5 year olds and the other for 6-12 year olds) plus a swing set, pavilion, and ADA walkways. We have a current site plan designed by EADS. This recreational area would be invaluable for our ever-growing community, which is seeing an influx of young families and school-aged children.

$50,000 Grant - Beaver Borough

Beaver Borough would like to replace and upgrade the current playground at Linn Park, located at Buffalo Street and River Road. The current equipment is extremely outdated, over 20 years, and could use a safety and accessibility upgrade. The park is heavily used by residents, outside community members, soccer practice (Soccer Shots), church play groups, and many more. The project would include new equipment, an area for toddler children, an area for school aged children, ADA accessible equipment, amongst other upgrades.

$50,000 Grant - Ambridge Borough

The goal for this funding is to create a playground that not only provides hours of fun for children but also contributes to the overall well-being and enjoyment of the community.
We would like to replace any outdated or worn out equipment with newer, safer options. We would invest in inclusive playground equipment to ensure that children of all abilities can enjoy the park. We will consider adding interactive features that engage children's imaginations and encourage creative play. This could be anything from musical instruments like xylophone and drums to sand play areas.
Other considerations are to upgrade safety surfaces and provide seating for parents or caregivers.

$50,000 Grant - Beaver Falls Borough

We are working on updating our park to make it more ADA Compliant. What we are planning to do is update our park playground equipment, add in a trail around the park, update our bathrooms, and update our kitchen. We are a small borough that wants to make this a better place to bring your kids to play, have a barbecue, or just a relaxing day.


$50,000 Grant - Harmony Borough

Our Schoolhouse playground needs replacement. The equipment is old and has begun to rust. This playground is geared for preschool and there are safety issues. We would also like to replace the fall chips with rubber matting and provide some shade cover.

$50,000 Grant - Clinton Township

Spring Valley Park, Clinton Township, Butler County as described by its users is a hidden gem. The main area is compact with playground for preteenagers and a large pavilion perfect for family celebrations. There are a variety of natural trails through the woods with several options up to 2 miles.
To better accommodate the people and dog walkers on the trails we will add a new entrance at the south end of the approximate 75 acres. This will consist of the entrance, parking, security features and approximate ½ mile handicapped accessible trail over relatively flat terrain to the Eagle Scout frog pond overlook to take a break and maybe see the wildlife enjoying the water including the occasional Great Blue Herron.


$15,000 Grant - Geistown Borough

Upgrade equipment at the Boise Street Playground.

$50,000 Grant – Patton Borough

Replace Pavilion roofs at our park. Most of our Pavilion roofs are over 25 years old and in need of repair.


$12,000 Grant - Rimersburg, PA

We are building an ADA approved pavilion for our area citizens and disabled vets to use so they can enjoy our park without the fear of the elements.


$40,000 Grant – Clearfield Borough

We are looking to upgrade equipment at our park in East End and add an accessible swing for inclusion play. Our parks are in dire need of upgrades, especially for safety purposes.

$28,000 Grant – Clearfield Borough

Clearfield is a small town with five playgrounds; three of which are in need of great repair and broken-down equipment. We would like to target Rebecca Park for this project which is a neighborhood park which services children ages 2-10 on the average. We are looking to replace the main piece of equipment there which is estimated to cost around $18,500 from PlayWorld as well as add an inclusive wheelchair swing with two bays. This is estimated at $4974.50 with shipping. Along with this, we are looking to add park benches at an estimated cost of $2,000 and replace the signage for the park which is estimated at $2,500. Grand total to rehab this park would be around $28,000.

$24,000 Grant - Sandy Township

The project will install ADA accessible exercise equipment at the Sandy Township recreation park.


$50,000 Grant - Cambridge Springs Borough

Our recreation park is decades old with outdated, worn and unsafe play equipment. We are planning on removing old equipment, removing old cement hazards from previously removed play equipment and replacing with a new play structure with a rubber safety surface. We also want to add two pickleball courts, a basketball court, a walking trail around the perimeter, a new concession stand with ADA accessible restrooms, ADA parking and accessibility to all structures. The plans also include a picnic grove and at least a dozen shade trees. We are a small community of 1600 residents. This is a huge project for our small town. We can supply a conceptual site plan drawing and pictures of our current park and the unsafe equipment. The community is fundraising, grant writing, volunteering for site preparation, etc. We are phasing in the project starting with the play structure with a rubber safety surface and ADA parking in accessibility. We have applied for a DCNR grant to help us with this phase and the community has already raised our match requirement of $122,538 of the total estimated $245,076. This is not an extravagant structure, but it will meet the needs of our community. We are respectfully requesting $50,000 to help us with our next phase which will be two pickleball courts and a basketball court. We want to encourage a healthier community as we all know a healthier community is a vibrant community. Thank you for being a partner in this project!

$3,000 Grant - Townville, PA

Develop the lot next to the John Brown tannery that was gifted to the John Brown Heritage Association.

$5,000 Grant - West Mead Township

Oak Grove Park is a neighborhood park located in West Mead Township and adjacent to Tamarack Lake. We have a playground area, picnic shelters, restrooms, a ballfield, walking paths and open space dedicated to public use. Funding from the PPF program would allow us to replace swing sets that are over 30 years old with safer and more accessible swings and rubber mulch area.

$100,000 Grant – State Park

The project will create an approximately one-mile trail that will offer an inclusive, immersive, and interactive experience with nature for autistic and non-autistic people alike. Along the trail will be seven stations, meant to both stimulate and calm neurodivergent individuals. The proposed stations include a sensory station, music station, reflection knoll, midway area and curiosity corner, design zone, earthing and playful path station, and celebration station. The stations would aid in the development of gross and fine motor skills while also encouraging teamwork and creative thinking. Currently, there are no dedicated outdoor recreation areas in NWPA/NEOH for those on the spectrum.


$50,000 Grant - City of St. Marys

The City of St. Marys Parks & Recreation Department is installing an 18,200 square foot inclusive playground at Memorial Park. In addition to making our park(s) more accessible, we would like to update the current bathrooms located near the playground. The bathrooms now are not heated throughout the winter (therefore closed between October-April), are single stalls, and have consistent plumbing issues. Home to St. Marys Little League Baseball, Memorial Park can see over thousands of visitors from across the state of Pennsylvania. Accessible bathrooms would allow residents and visitors of all abilities, a safer and more enjoyable experience while visiting our beautiful park.

$50,000 Grant - Ridgway Borough

Our skatepark is heavily used yet sorely lacking funds and attention. Located by our pool and downtown, kids of all ages spend their summer days at the park playing with friends and learning new tricks. However, our current equipment is sparse and worn down. Living in such a rural environment, kids here don't have many options when it comes to activities. Gems like this nestled throughout our little town are crucial to community development and quality of life. We would love to give them the park they deserve and spruce up our downtown simultaneously.


$40,000 Grant - Greene Township

Greene Township Paradise Park needs to upgrade the electric service that covers the pavilions in the park. This would also cover a new fence with food truck outlets around the parking area, to allow food trucks to plug in and not run loud generators, and eliminate generator fumes at the park!

$50,000 Grant - Waterford Borough

We plan to use this money to make many upgrades to the park. We plan to use this money to pave the entrance and add lines as this hasn’t been done in over 25 years. We also plan to add additions to the park for increased park usage. These additions are grills, picnic tables, and a dock for fishing. Lastly, we will use the money to update the lighting of the park for safety reasons.

$50,000 Grant - Union City Borough

Union City Borough has completed a French Creek Trail Plan, an Active Transportation Plan & a Comprehensive Park & Recreation Plan. This walking trail is a part of all three plans. The ballfield is located next to French Creek & this project would complete one portion of the trail. The work would be for excavation, grading, mobilization & professional services for a stone walking trail.


$50,000 Grant - South Union Township

Purchase and install a splash park for the summer and surrounded by a skating rink in the winter.

$50,000 Grant - Newell Borough

Newell Borough Community Park is in desperate need of an upgrade. Our park equipment is 25 years old and very outdated. We are a very small Borough with a Census of 508. The park is used daily by the community, as well as Annual Arts, Park and Recreation events. The update would include new equipment to ensure the safety of the children who use it.

$40,000 Grant - Point Marion Borough

Funds will be used to install lighting at our park for safety reasons. We are also looking to install security cameras, update our walking trails and install a covered area for large crowds to sit down and eat meals.


$50,000 Grant - Saltsburg Borough

The town is looking into a new playground since the one we have is outdated and falling apart. We are looking to build the medium commercial playground package 2 from king swings. It will triple the size for children to play on and also come with swings which we do not have for children in town.The playground it self is wood based with vinyl sleeve and is made in Pennsylvania. Age range for the playground is 2 - 12 years of age and has a capacity for 22 to 45 children. We are in the very early stages for this with little money but i believe are children need this in are town.


$10,000 Grant - Summerville Borough

In Summerville Borough we have a community garden that has been an ongoing project. Our hope is that we can eventually put a playset down there so that our families in our community can enjoy not only the park, but the play set as well.

$50,000 Grant - Brookville Borough

The Borough is upgrading one of their current parks; Longview Park. The upgrade will include a new swimming pool, an upgraded playground and revised amphitheater. Our first phase will be to revise the amphitheater.


$50,000 Grant - County Park in Wayne Township

Henry Bazzichi park has served the community for many, many years. Our playground equipment is 40 plus years old and we are concerned about the safety of our residents and the liability with the outdated equipment. We would like to provide new equipment along with ADA swings to be inclusive of children of all abilities.

$50,000 Grant - Wilmington Township

We would like to put in two pickleball courts on the lower part of our park. This would include a 10' fence along the perimeter of it, drainage, there would be a couple of benches in the two court areas and a couple outside for those who want to watch or are waiting to play. We want to have a dividing fence between the courts. Many people have asked us to install these. With many places that have pickleball courts, you must be member to play, or be on a league. We want everyone to be able to play at no cost. We live in a rural area, so this would be quite a benefit for all community members. In the last 5 years, we have installed three different playgrounds, one being inclusive, put in a walking trail along the perimeter of our soccer fields and through our wooded area along a stream, put 8,000' of drainage in our soccer fields, where approx. 250 kids from Lawrence Co. play, and are putting in a new gazebo this spring. We have done all this with DCNR funds, several foundations, since we have a Marti Park Foundation which is a 501 (C) 3, and many local business and private donors. We are trying to have something for everyone who want to enjoy the outdoors, visit with friends and family, and have fun. We have cornhole boards for play at two of our three pavilions, which we rent out, and a horseshoe pit. We have a craft show with many vendors and basket raffles each August to make money for the park expenses. Pavilion rentals and the payments from the Wilmington Area Soccer Association to use our fields help pay for mowing of the grass and other maintenance projects and upkeep. The township keeps up the park, with help from the Marti Park Recreation Board members. All grant applications are done for free, out of the love of the park. We do not have a park tax like many municipalities, cities, or boroughs do, everything we do besides normal upkeep, we must raise the money from others. We will be asking three other foundations for help with our project. If all goes as planned, it will cost roughly $100,000 for this project.

$50,000 Grant - Neshannock Township

Neshannock Township proposes to repurpose an unused volleyball court in Pearson Park into a recreational game area. This new amenity will include 1 regulation sized bocce court, 1 horseshoe court, 3 cornhole courts, and 3 artificial turf putting greens.


$50,000 Grant - City of Bradford

Callahan Park Recreation Improvements - Phase 2
The parking lot is in very poor condition. The asphalt surface is broken up in many areas, with blacktop patches on most of the surface. Improvements to the parking lot include the excavation and milling of the existing lot, the installation of geogrid materials, asphalt paving, and parking space line painting. The existing sidewalk is generally in poor condition and is constructed of asphalt and concrete. The access from the parking lot to the sidewalk is not ADA compliant. A new concrete sidewalk will be constructed from the parking lot area to the pedestrian bridge near the baseball fields. New ADA compliant ramps and painted parking lot spaces will be installed. The aging and deteriorating small picnic pavilion will be replaced with two smaller pavilions that will accommodate additional users at the same time. The restroom will be replaced with a single restroom unit. New picnic amenities will be installed. Those amenities include new charcoal grills, an ADA accessible water fountain, benches and trash receptacles. A new park entrance sign will be constructed on Poplin Avenue.

$50,000 Grant - Eldred Borough

This park has very little playground equipment and what is there is in very rough shape and needs to be replaced. We would like to put in a completely new playground that is safe and more up to date.

$50,000 Grant - Smethport Borough

At the center of our park is Hamlin Lake.  It provides fishing and kayaking for many people.  A pond weed is slowly taking it over and impacting the activities in our park and we are in need of funds to dredge the lake. I am putting the address of the borough as the park has no address.

$50,000 Grant - Eldred Borough

Our park is in desperate need of upgrading and repairs. We would like to repair and upgrade the park restrooms, the baseball dugouts and resurface the tennis courts.


$50,000 Grant - 501(c)(3) Park in Mercer Borough

Funds from PPF will be used towards dam removal / stream restoration. We are adding waterlines to concession stands and bathrooms as well as resurfacing pickelball and basketball courts.

$50,000 Grant - Delaware Township

With a PPF grant, we would replace backboards, picnic tables and bleachers within the Township Park. The building at the park is also in need of a new roof.

$50,000 Grant - South Pymatuning Township

South Pymatuning Township would like to build a health and wellness walking track, improve the drainage for ADA parking including lighting and restroom improvements for ADA compliance.

$60,000 Grant - West Middlesex Borough
(higher grant value requested prior to $50,000 cap set)

The Borough of West Middlesex has a neighborhood park that accommodates both the community pool and the local Little League field. In the center was a small playground unit that was removed after it became deteriorated. Funding from the PPF would allow the Borough to replace that equipment.


$45,000 Grant - Hooversville Borough

This grant will install a walking path along the Stonycreek River and a pavilion for community gatherings.

$50,000 Grant - Windber Borough

We need to replace the existing 2 11' shotgun slides, they are beginning to become a safety issue at the community pool.


$50,000 Grant - Clintonville Borough

Our community park is in need of an upgrade to our current playground equipment. We also need additional playground equipment to create a safer environment for younger children. Due to the fact that we are a small borough, with limited funding, our current equipment is geared towards older children. This park is used daily, in the warmer months, for community activities, family functions, and a free lunch program.


$50,000 Grant
Youngsville Borough

Our community park is in serious need of upgrades. The basketball court surface is in need of replacement, we would like to reutilize our tennis court for pickleball so it will need a new surface and new nets, new seating and storage around both courts. Upgrades to our outside patio area where Music in the Park is held each summer. New playground equipment as the current is not up to standard. Install a walking path around the perimeter. The baseball in-field needs resurfaced. Island Park offers a variety of activities and is visited regularly by our residents and our surrounding communities.

$50,000 Grant - Sugar Grove Borough

Sugar Grove Borough, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, seeks funding through the Pennsylvania Parks Program for a joint infrastructure project aimed at enhancing community engagement and entertainment within our park. The project entails constructing a stage and protection screen to facilitate diverse outdoor performances and events, fostering community cohesion and cultural enrichment.
Engaging the community in park development cultivates a sense of ownership, pride, and belonging. By offering a platform for local talent and cultural expression, the park becomes a vibrant hub for social interaction and creative exchange.
With a budget of $50,000, comprising $30,000 for structure and $20,000 for visual and sound systems, this project promises enduring benefits for our residents and visitors alike.


$50,000 Grant - Canton Township

Canton Township community park is located in Canton Township, just outside of Downtown Washington, PA. The park currently boasts a large playground, a pavilion with a kitchen and restrooms, and a gazebo situated along Ten Mile Creek. The Township is seeking funds for the construction of new pickleball courts in underutilized space at the park, which will be the first and only recreation amenity at the park that is teen-adult focused. The Township will be providing all matching funds required for project completion.

$50,000 Grant - Fallowfield Township

We are looking to add steps from our parking area to our baseball fields. You currently have to walk up a large grass hill. We are also looking to add a pickleball court and do some renovations to our concession stand and Pavilion.

$50,000 Grant - Mt. Pleasant Township

We have a tennis/pickleball court and a deck hockey court. We would like to light up this area as it is used a great deal.

$50,000 Grant - Morris Township

Redesign layout of playground, replace rotting border timbers, replace mulch with rubber mulch and add playground equipment.

$50,000 Grant - Donora Borough

Donora Borough would like to create a Pickle Ball court with a portion of existing tennis courts in Donora's Palmer Park. We have plenty of facilities for youth exercises and sorts throughout the park and this project would provide our Seniors with opportunity for exercise and well-being.

$50,000 Grant - Bentleyville Borough

We would like to upgrade our playground equipment which is over 25 years old and is slowly deteriorating. We have partial closure of 1 fiberglass sliding board due to cracking.

$50,000 Grant - Smith Township

We are hoping to design our first community park in Smith Township. The long term goals are to create a space with activities for all; a playground, basketball/tennis/pickleball courts, baseball fields, walking trails, green spaces and pavilions. We are in the beginning stages and are hoping to secure funding to hire consulting firms to complete community surveys, design the park and create a budget and timeline.

$30,000 Grant - City of Washington

Our pool is in dire need of maintenance. We have three main projects we would like to address: 1) waterslide maintenance, 2) the jet plumbing needs replaced, 3) baby pool water attraction maintenance.


$40,000 Grant - Bolivar Borough

Bolivar Parks and Recreation was developed to support the two community parks. Since both parks have not been upgraded in over 20 years, we are slowly trying to make progress. The current project we are working on is at Burkey Park (upper playground). This past year--we replaced a sidewalk, power washed, fixed and stained 51 memorial benches and a stage, and added steps beside our hill slide. In the next month, we will be replacing the basketball court. Our next project is to redo the playground--a brand new commercial structure along with a new swing set. There is another part of the playground that needs redone, an additional set of steps, and minor replacements of benches and picnic tables.

$50,000 Grant - Hunker Borough

We are a small residential town, and our parks have not been updated in 20 years or more. Our park areas are used regularly by families and holiday functions planned and supported by our Hunker Civic Association. We are currently receiving a grant from LSA for much needed upgrades to purchase play area equipment and landscaping the play areas, which will bring them up to ADA compliances. We also received a grant from DCED and have replaced the roof on our park’s community building. We are working diligently to obtain funds to continue our endeavor to revitalize our park. Our Borough is seeking your funds to assist us in renewing and repairing one or more of our planned following projects: our gazebo/war memorial, pavilion, tennis court, parking area located in our park, and upgrades to the park’s community building. Your funds would be used towards our goals in completing some of these projects.

$50,000 Grant - Ligonier Township

Build a pavilion at Mill Creek Memorial Park, at the terminus of the Ligonier Valley Walking Trail.

$24,100 Grant - North Bell Vernon Borough

North Belle Vernon Community Bank Park is the cornerstone of the Mon Valley. Used by hundreds of folks from the area, it is an ADA compliant facility for all to enjoy. To enhance the park, we would like to provide a pavilion for local musicians, cultural events, and community use. We would like to repair the much needed roof on the current concession stand, provide tables for families and evet use as well as install a heavy duty grill for community and event use. As the park is home to a multitude of sporting events and practices, we would like to provide a set of bleachers for family viewing and be portable for events at the pavilion.

$50,000 Grant - City of Arnold

This project would include removal of debris and knotweed obstructing the view of the river and beautifying the the riverfront.

$50,000 Grant - City of Arnold

Our local playground is very old and we would like to update playground equipment, and resurface parts of the park.

$50,000 Grant - South Greensburg Borough

We need to make our pavilions in the park more ADA accessible. We are looking to update/replace our existing pavilion and add a kitchen area to it. We need to provide a handicap parking area and accessible walkways to get to the pavilion from the parking area.